Amazing work of scientists! Conversation of plants captured on camera, watch video

Talking Plat Video: You have been reading since childhood that a plant is a living object. He performs every task that a normal swimming human does. But you may have never seen plants talking. For your information, let us tell you that a user has shared a video of plants talking on social media. Japanese scientists have captured plants talking to each other on camera.

People are giving different reactions to this viral video on social media. One person wrote that I don’t feel like talking about it, while the other one reacted to this and wrote that dancing of leaves is also communication. In this way people are expressing their different views on this post.

Scientists discovered that plants talk to each other through volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Researchers studied how damaged plants responded to VOCs to warn other plants of the danger. A biosensor that emits a green glow was also added to detect calcium signals. The video then shows that the damaged plants are responding with calcium signals to alert their neighbors about the danger, which can be seen on their leaves.

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