Agriculture News: Government is giving money to farmers in case of crop failure, this work will have to be done before 31st December…

Lucknow. Farmers need to worry even if their crops get ruined due to flood, storm or any other natural disaster. The government is also insuring the crops in the same way as people get their accident insurance. In Uttar Pradesh, 48 lakh farmers have taken Rs 4155.66 crore under the Prime Minister Crop Insurance Scheme. If you have sown Rabi crop then you can also get insurance till 31st December 2023. The Agriculture Department has set the last date for insurance of Rabi crops as 31 December 2023. State Agriculture Minister Surya Pratap Shahi has appealed to all the farmers of the state to get their crops insured in Rabi season 2023. He said that this will help in compensating the possible loss in case of disaster. This is an important scheme which provides security cover to farmers in adverse circumstances. The Agriculture Minister said that the last date for getting insurance of Rabi crops has been fixed as 31 December 2023. Under the Pradhan Mantri Fasal Bima Yojana, farmers have to pay only 1.5 percent premium for Rabi crops, the remaining premium amount is given by the state government and the central government from their budget. State share amounting to Rs 172.33 crore has been released by the state government for the crop premium of the farmers. Within the last 6 years, about 48 lakh farmers have received compensation of Rs 4155.66 crore. The Agriculture Minister has requested all the farmers of Uttar Pradesh who are sowing Rabi crops to provide security cover to their crops by getting them insured.

Farmers got more than 17 lakh decomposers for free

Under the chairmanship of Agriculture Minister Surya Pratap Shahi, a virtual Rabi Gram Panchayat level seminar – Kisan Pathshala was organized for the farmers. Farmers are getting technical information through Kisan Pathshala. Through this, communication is being established with the farmers. Adequate fertilizers are available in the entire state, ensure timely availability of seeds in all the districts. He appealed to the farmers to come forward for sowing mustard, not to burn the stubble but to increase the amount of organic matter in the soil by making compost from it. Insitu’s agricultural equipment should be demonstrated among the farmers. More than 17 lakh decomposers have been made available to the farmers free of cost.

More than 3 lakh farmers joined farming school

Purchasing centers will be set up by the government wherever needed for Kharif crops. For the first time, MSP for wheat has been increased by Rs 150. 30,000 solar pumps will be made available to farmers in the Rabi season. Improved seeds are being made available to the farmer brothers from the government seed store. Along with this, 50% subsidy on the cost of seeds is being given. Shree Anna should be promoted and farmers were urged to get new technical information by participating in the Krishi Kumbh Mela to be held in December. Secretary Agriculture Dr. Raj Shekhar informed that more than 3 lakh farmers have participated in this school. In PM Pranam Yojana, it was said to gradually reduce the consumption of chemical fertilizers and promote ultra native fertilizers, nano urea, sulfur coated urea.

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