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Agnipath Scheme: Congress has called Agnipath Scheme an injustice to the youth. He said that if he comes to power, he will reinstate the old recruitment process.

Agnipath Scheme: Terming the new army recruitment scheme ‘Agneepath’ as ​​injustice to the youth, the Congress on Monday said that if it comes to power, it will cancel the scheme and restore the old recruitment process. Party President Mallikarjun Kharge wrote a letter to President Draupadi Murmu requesting that justice be done to about two lakh youth who were not recruited despite being selected for regular service in the Army. He claimed that the government had stopped their recruitment and brought the Agneepath scheme due to which these youth are suffering.

Agnipath Scheme: Unilateral decision of Modi government- Kharge

While talking to the media, Congress General Secretary Sachin Pilot said that the Modi government had announced the Agneepath scheme on June 14, 2022. This decision of the government was unilateral. It was said that recruitment in the army will be done through Agneepath scheme and the average age of the army has to be reduced and the army has to be modernised. Whereas Modi government started this scheme to save money. He said that on one hand the government says that we are earning a lot of money from defense exports and have become self-reliant. In such a situation, if we are becoming so efficient in the defense sector, then the government should work for the lives of our soldiers, their pension and the comforts of their families.

Agnipath Scheme: Congress is continuously opposing the scheme

Pilot said that the Congress party has opposed the Agneepath scheme from the beginning because it is playing with the army. He said that Congress believes that Agneepath is not a positive plan. If the public elects us, we will definitely go back to the old process of recruitment. Referring to the letter written by Kharge to the President, Congress MP Deepender Hooda said, many army recruitments had been completed in the country during and before Covid. Of these, only joining the service was left. But after the introduction of Agneepath scheme, these youth selected by the government were not included in the service.

Agnipath Scheme: Youth shared pain- Kharge

He said that these youth had met Rahul Gandhi and shared their pain. Since then Rahul Gandhi ji has been continuously raising their voice. Today Congress President Kharge ji has also written a letter to the President demanding inclusion of these selected youth in the service. We will continue fighting this battle until these youth join the army. Kharge wrote in the letter that recently I met these youth. He told me that between 2019 and 2022, about two lakh candidates were informed that they have been selected in the three armed services – Army, Navy and Air Force. These youth had struggled against all odds to pass the rigorous mental and physical tests and written examination.

Kharge said that by May 31, 2022, he was confident that he had achieved his dreams and was only waiting for his appointment letter. That day his dreams were shattered by the decision of the Government of India to end this recruitment process and implement Agneepath Scheme in its place. He claimed that there are many issues associated with the Agneepath scheme. Former Army Chief MM Naravane has written that the army was surprised by Agneepath. Kharge said that apart from this, this plan is going to create discrimination among our soldiers by creating a parallel cadre of soldiers. After four years of service, most of the firefighters will be released to look for a job. Some people argue that this may affect social stability.

Kharge said that not only did the candidates take many years to fulfill this dream but each of the 50 lakh applicants had to deposit Rs 250, which is a huge amount of Rs 125 crore taken from these youth. The Congress President claimed that due to frustration and despair many have even committed suicide. Kharge said in the letter that our youth cannot be allowed to suffer like this. I appeal to you to ensure that justice is done.

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