After Metro Rail, now lorries will pass under the river in Kolkata city

Kolkata, Amar Shakti: Kolkata is the only city in the entire country where the metro train is passing under the river and people are enjoying the journey. Now after the Metro Rail, a plan is being made to build another tunnel under the river in Kolkata city, from where trucks will move.

Shyama Prasad Mukherjee Port plans to build a tunnel

Shyama Prasad Mukherjee Port (SMP), Kolkata, an autonomous body under the Ministry of Shipping and Waterways, has planned to build this tunnel. It has been told that this tunnel will be constructed by SMP Kolkata to further speed up the movement of goods vehicles from Kolkata Port. With the construction of this tunnel, the traffic system of the port area of ​​the metropolis will improve to a great extent.

Rs 2000 crore will be spent on the construction of the tunnel.

According to the information, a six-lane, one and a half kilometer long tunnel will be constructed from Howrah side near Netaji Subhash Dock of Kolkata Port to Shalimar-B Garden, in which about 800 meters of road will be under the Ganga. It has been told that a total of Rs 2000 crore will be spent for the construction of this tunnel. Through this tunnel, goods carrying lorries from Kolkata Port will directly reach Kona Expressway, which will provide a permanent solution to the problem of traffic jam at Khidirpur and Vidyasagar Setu.

Goods transportation system will be improved by construction of tunnel

Some restrictions have been imposed on the movement of large goods trucks in Kolkata city. Large trucks cannot be driven on city roads for most of the day. Most of the cargo lorries plying at Kolkata Port go towards Kona Expressway via Vidyasagar Setu. Big lorries are allowed to pass through Vidyasagar Setu only at night.

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The problem of traffic jam increases due to trucks

The problem of traffic jam arises due to the arrival of large number of trucks at night. This problem will not exist if a tunnel is built under the Ganga. In such a situation, the speed of operation of trucks from the port will increase and the goods transportation system here will be better. After the construction of this tunnel, the trucks coming to the port will not have to use the roads of Khidirpur area.

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DPR preparation work will be completed in the next few months

According to sources of SMP Kolkata, the work of preparing DPR of the entire project is going on, which will be completed in the next few months. Once the DPR is completed, Global Expression of Interest (EOI) and tenders will be called for implementation of the project. According to the information, the port management is laying special emphasis on attracting private investment for this project.

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