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Abraham Lincoln had these qualities, know interesting things related to him

Abraham Lincoln proved through his struggle that through hard work one can overcome adverse circumstances and reach great heights. Lincoln’s childhood was spent in poverty. Lincoln’s family was so poor that everyone lived in a small wooden house. There was a dispute regarding the land on which their house stood and the entire family had to face many hurdles. He lost his parents in his childhood, after which Lincoln was taken care of by his elder sister. He did not have enough money to go to school and study. He did not give up and continued self-study while working as a labourer.

passion for reading

Lincoln had a passion for reading since childhood. Whenever he got time, he used to read books on demand. Once Lincoln learned that his teacher had a biography of America’s first President, George Washington. He requested his teacher a lot to return that book after reading it. The teacher gave that book to Lincoln to read. While reading a book at home, Lincoln suddenly fell asleep and the book got wet and spoiled due to rain during the night. He felt very sad because the book got wet. When Lincoln reached his teacher with a sad heart and returned the book to him, he said that the book was spoiled and he did not have the money to pay for it. In return, I will repay the money by doing whatever work you give me. The teacher was angry after seeing the book, but his anger went away due to Lincoln’s proposal. The teacher said that you work in my fields for three days and after that this book will be yours. Lincoln worked diligently in his field for three days and found that book. As soon as he received the book, Abraham Lincoln decided that he would grow up to be like George Washington. Later his dream also came true.

things get done by talking

There was a dispute between two brothers regarding property. The matter reached the court. Before becoming President, Lincoln used to practice law. A brother approached Abraham Lincoln. Asked for his advice regarding defending his case. He explained that both of you are brothers, why don’t you resolve the matter by talking to each other. Brother told that the conversation between us had stopped for months. Hearing this, Lincoln called the other brother also and explained to both of them that this property never goes with anyone and both of you brothers are ready to become enemies of each other because of this? This is against the spirit of humanity. Both were silently listening to Lincoln. Lincoln went out leaving both of them alone in that room. He called from outside and said – Remember your childhood days and communicate among yourselves. After some time, both the brothers came out apologizing to each other and took back the case and made up among themselves.

importance of child talk

A few weeks before Lincoln was elected President of the United States, a girl named Grace Beadle sent a letter to Lincoln. Grace wrote that Sir, I am an 11 year old girl. You are a beloved leader of all of us. I want you to become our President. Today I saw your picture. You look very thin in that. I suggest you keep a beard. You will look great with a beard. Then more people will vote for you and you will become the President of our country. Do you have any children of my age? If yes, then say my hello to him and ask him to write a letter. As soon as he received the letter, Lincoln wrote a letter to Grace thanking her, but did not make any promise to grow his beard. One day, during the election campaign, a meeting of Lincoln was also held in the village of Grace. After the speech he said that a little girl Grace lives in this village. I want to meet him. Grace was very happy to hear this and went to Lincoln. Lincoln told Grace that look, I accepted your suggestion and kept the beard. Lincoln, who gave importance to the words of even a small girl, won the election and became the 16th President of America.

…so how did you become poor?

Lincoln had become the President of America. One day a young man came to him, who was fed up with being unemployed and was thinking of begging. He told Lincoln that he was very poor. God has not given me anything, please have mercy. Lincoln looked at the young man from top to bottom. Then he said – Okay, I will give you two thousand dollars, you give me both your legs. The young man got worried and said – I can’t give my legs, because then how will I walk? After this Lincoln said – If you can’t give a good leg, then no problem, give me both the hands. I will give you 10 thousand dollars. On this the young man said – Sir, even if someone gives me 50 thousand dollars, I cannot give him my hand. Lincoln laughed and said – Come on, give me your eyes. I will get you one lakh dollars in cash right now. On this the young man said- What are you talking about? How can anyone donate his organs? Lincoln laughed at this and said – Look, when God has given you so many precious things, how did you become poor? Does it suit you to say that I have nothing? Go, do hard work. I myself have reached here by working as a labourer. Raise your hands not for begging, but for work.

other interesting things

  • Abraham Lincoln was born in a village in the Kentucky state of America.

  • In the year 1860, Lincoln succeeded in winning the election for the post of President of America. As a result of his efforts, he succeeded in stopping slavery in America.

  • Abraham Lincoln was an advocate of democracy and equal rights for all. He had said that democracy is ‘a system of governance made by the people, by the people and for the people.’

  • He believed that before doing any work, we should be strong-willed and efficient towards that work so that even difficult work can be done easily. In this context, he had said that ‘If I were given six hours to cut a tree, I would spend the first four hours sharpening my axe.’


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