Aaj Ka Rashifal 12 December 2023: Today is a very special day for people of Aries, Cancer and Libra, read daily horoscope.

Aries- Today will be your day spent in charity work. There may be some changes in your favor today in your workplace also. In the evening, your spouse may face problems due to some health problem, which will involve running around and expenditure of money.

Lucky number-4

Lucky color- green

Taurus- Today some auspicious event may be discussed in your family. Businessmen may have to face shortage of cash today. Be conscious of your health. Students will need to work hard in the examination.

Lucky number-8

Lucky color- blue

Gemini- If you have to travel for your business today, then definitely do it. Students will receive blessings from their teachers. There may be some problem with the mother’s health. It seems that you are getting promotion in your job with the blessings of higher officials.

Lucky number-3

Lucky color- yellow

Cancer zodiac sign- Today will be moderately fruitful for you. Today you may suddenly receive a large amount of money, which will make your mind happy. Today your position and reputation seem to be increasing. Do not take any decision in haste.

Lucky number-2

Lucky color- brown

Leo sun sign- Today will bring mixed results for you. You will get desired results in the political field. You will make new plans in your business. You may have some eye related problem, so be careful.

Lucky number-5

Auspicious color- red

Virgo sun sign- Today will be moderately fruitful for you. Some important decisions will have to be taken for business. Today will be spent in charity and service. You will feel a pleasant experience in married life. Students will get success in the examination.

Lucky number-1

Lucky color- white

Libra- Today students will achieve special success in the field of education. New sources of income will be created in business. The gentleness of your speech will influence other people. There may be more running around, which can have a greater impact on your health.

Lucky number-9

Lucky color- black

Scorpio zodiac sign- Today you will have to control your speech in your job and business. Your financial aspect will become stronger and your wealth, respect and fame will increase. Today your pending work seems to be getting done. Today you may get some pleasant message.

Lucky number-6

Lucky color- Purple

Sagittarius- Today you have to be careful in money transactions. Today, your mind will be happy due to spending money on some household items. You may have to do some traveling for business. Today you may meet an old friend.

Lucky number-7

Lucky color- orange

Capricorn- Today will be moderately fruitful for you. You will be happy to get favorable profits in the field of business. Students will be seen working hard in preparation for the competition. Plans can also be made to visit religious places.

Lucky number-5

Auspicious color – sky blue

Aquarius- Today you can purchase some property. Today, the health of either your son or daughter may deteriorate, due to which you will be worried. If you have to transact money with someone today, then do it thoughtfully. There will be a need to be conscious about your health.

Lucky number-2

Lucky color – Purple

Pisces- Today will be a day to reduce the mental and intellectual load of the students. Your business will flourish with the advice and blessings of your parents. Married life will be blissful and you can go on near and far trips with your life partner.

Lucky number-6

Auspicious color- Maroon

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