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Aaj ka Panchang 5 November 2023: Navami today after Kartik Krishna Paksha Ashtami, chant Shiva Panchakshar

Today’s Panchang 05 November Sunday 2023: Panchang has special importance. Through Panchang, auspicious day, auspicious time, auspicious yoga, inauspicious time of the day, position of planets etc. are known. Information about direction, sunrise, moonrise, sunset, moonset etc. is also available from Panchang. Through this, the time of auspicious work can be known and it is also known at what time a person should be careful. In Sanatan tradition, special attention is paid to the auspicious time before starting any auspicious or auspicious work. It is believed that work done during auspicious time gives special benefits to a person. This tradition has been going on since ancient times. According to Vedic scriptures, an auspicious time is a special time when the position of the planets and constellations in the solar system is auspicious for Vashishtha work. This is the reason why auspicious time is followed to keep away obstacles and problems. What does the Sunday Panchang say today, November 5, 2023?

Today’s Panchang Lucknow: 05 November Sunday 2023

Kartik Krishna Paksha Ashtami night -03:40 after Navami

Shri Shubh Samvat-2080, Shake-1945,

Hijri year-1444-45

Sunrise: 06:22

Sunset: 17:17

Moonrise: 23:50

Moonset: 13:00

auspicious time

Abhijeet: 11:27-12:11

Amrit Kalam: None

inauspicious time

Gulik Kaal: 14:33-15:55

Yamaganda: 11:49-13:11

Door Muhurtam: 13:55 -13:57

Vrajyam period: none

Nakshatra during sunrise – after Pushya, Shlesha, Yoga-Shubh, Karan-Ba,

Planetary thoughts during sunrise – Sun-Libra, Moon-Cancer, Mars-Libra, Mercury-Libra, Jupiter-Aries, Venus-Virgo, Saturn-Aquarius, Rahu-Pisces, Ketu-Virgo.

Today’s Panchang: 05 November 2023: Choghadiya Sunday

Know about Choghadiya with accurate Choghadiya list and determine the most auspicious time of the day. If you are starting something new or going on a journey, then with Choghadiya you can predetermine today’s auspicious time or best time. As the name suggests, Choghadiya, which is the Vedic Hindu calendar, consists of ‘four clocks’ of 96 minutes, with each clock equal to 24 minutes.

Choghadiya of the day – activities to do

Udveg (government related work) from 06:21 am to 7:43 am

07:43 am to 09:05 am Chara (travel, beauty, dance, cultural activities)

09:05 AM to 10:27 AM Profit (Start new business, education)

10:27 am to 11:48 am Amrit (all types of work-especially milk product related)

11:48 pm to 13:10 pm (machine, construction and agricultural activities)

Dop. Auspicious from 13:10 to 14:32 (marriage, religious, education activities)

Dop. Disease (debate, competition, dispute settlement) from 14:32 to 15:54

Udveg (government related work) from 15:54 pm to 17:16 pm


Remedy: Wake up in the morning and chant Om Namah Shivay 108 times.

Worship: Om Adityaya Vidmahe Prabhakaraya Dhimahi Tannah Surya Prachodayat.

Auspicious time for shopping:

10:30 am to 12 noon

Rahu period: 15:55 to 17:17 pm

Directional- South and West


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