A new era begins with the spotting of Force Gurkha Military Ambulance

Force Gurkha Military Ambulance Specs

Differences seen with the new test Quad Both the previous Force Motors Light Strike vehicle and the new test Quad have the same fascia. The round headlights and turn indicators get safety grills, there is a shovel, there is a winch setup that should come in handy, there are also blackout lights which are standard for military vehicles and we can see some custom fixtures at the front which are signal jammers. And can take a scrambler. The Force Gorkha Military Ambulance painted green gets a + symbol on its rear differential. Also, this ambulance version has wider wheel arches. No snorkel, but water holding capacity should be good considering the air intake. The axle has significant positive camber. These are not portal axles, but they are quite bent, reminding me of Tatra axles.

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