A luxury car burnt on the roadside in Patna, fire brigade vehicles brought the fire under control, a major accident was averted..

A luxury car burst into flames in Patna. The incident took place in Gandhi Maidan police station area. Where a car parked near Bapu Auditorium suddenly caught fire. When people saw the fire in the car, they ran towards it. But huge flames were coming out of the car, due to the fire there were light explosions in between. Because of which people could not muster the courage to go closer. The fire department was informed about this. After which the fire brigade team reached the spot and the fire was brought under control.

An SUV car caught fire near Bapu Auditorium in Gandhi Maidan police station area of ​​Patna. According to media reports, there were two people in the vehicle including the driver. When people nearby noticed the fire in the vehicle, they immediately informed the fire department. A total of three small and big fire engines reached the spot and efforts were started to extinguish the fire in the car. After some effort, the fire in the vehicle was brought under control.

The car was almost completely burnt due to the fire. But according to the information that has come to light, there is no information about any casualty. The driver is said to be a resident of Nalanda. Let us tell you that fire engines were kept in alert mode due to Chhath festival. Special duty of fire department personnel was imposed on Chhath. The reason for the fire in the car has not been revealed.

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