A herd of 40 elephants has created havoc in Garhwa, demolished houses in villages, trampled crops, killed buffalo by thrashing them.

In Ramkanda of Garhwa district Chhattisgarh A herd of 40 elephants, which reached the Garhwa Southern Forest area from the reserve area and PTR (Palamu Tiger Reserve) area 15 days ago, has started causing damage on a large scale. After creating havoc in various areas of Chiniya and Ranka, a herd of elephants created havoc in Mangrahi and Kushwar villages of Ramkanda on Sunday night. In Kushwar village, elephants created a ruckus and ate the paddy crops kept in the fields and barns of six farmers. Whereas in Mangrahi village, elephants broke the house and cow shed of Santosh Singh and knocked down two buffaloes tied in the cow shed. In this, a buffalo died on the spot. The other buffalo got seriously injured after its back was broken. Apart from this, the elephants ate 50 quintals of paddy kept in the barn of Manoj Ram, resident of Mangrahi. At the same time, the paddy crop grown in five acres of field of Mohramani Devi was trampled and destroyed. While the villagers were trying to drive away the elephants, the herd trampled the potato crops grown in one acre farm of Jimedar Singh, reached Murli village and killed Sudeshar Ram’s pig. While trampling the potato crop, Sitaram Singh’s motor pump and pipe were broken.

Elephants reached Mangrahi after being driven from Birajpur

After receiving the information, on Monday morning, forest guards Uttam Kumar, Devnath Ram, Niranjan Yadav, Ramakant Ram, social worker Kapildev Singh reached the farmers’ house and inquired about the matter. At the same time, assurance was given to provide compensation. It is said that after being chased away by the villagers in Kushwar village, the elephants entered the plantation area and damaged the bamboo gabions and reached Birajpur village via Gangatoli. Due to Chhath Puja, the villagers immediately chased away the elephants from here, then the elephants created havoc in Murli and reached Mangrahi village.

Elephants and hyenas reach this village every year

Villagers told that earlier elephant violence used to happen occasionally in this area. But since last few years, elephant menace has started happening in this village throughout the year. People are in panic due to this. Told that due to this violence by elephants, the paddy crop is destroyed even before it is ripe. At the same time, people remain in panic due to the arrival of hyenas since last year.

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