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A day of death is imminent…

There was a crowd at the clinic. I have time. I placed my palm in front of my eyes. Health dashboard of Meevan app opened on the palm. Death! Yes, this is the tag I chose. Now blocks for every possible method of death from accident to suicide started appearing on the new page. Different colored blocks. Green, pink, orange, red yes red! I need to see this. Usually this color also flashes in the suggestions of the app. I go to it every third or fourth day. The indicator that showed the most likely and imminent death was suppressed. This page takes approximately five to seven seconds to open. Maybe it has been given the default setting in such a way that you are going to meet the most beautiful woman of your life so just wait… I smiled or maybe this sentence might have come out of my mouth albeit unconfirmed. I realized that the girl sitting next to me was looking at me with surprise. Whereas, by that time, some time had passed since Chhatra’s death.

My gaze wandered around the clinic for five-seven seconds. There was an elderly couple right in front of me. Both were silent and smiling and were trying to remind each other of something by looking at each other from time to time. There were many other people around him and me, who were silent there, but their faces showed the tiredness of having spoken too much. There was a reception a short distance away on the left. More than just the names of the two doctors, something else was written on the wall behind the reception. MD, DM, MCh Psychiatry and MBBS, DPM, MIPS. Psychiatrist and counselor. There were three boys standing around the girl sitting at the reception counter, whose different facial and body postures made it difficult to ascertain whether they had just arrived or were about to leave. A young man was sitting on a bench adjacent to the wall, who was not looking anywhere. It seemed that something had just happened between those three and this one, because many people had turned their gaze towards that area of ​​the clinic.

The new page open on my palm was blinking. Myocardial infection! This was that medical term, which had my possible death in its embrace. The term was clickable. They could know what it is called in common language. I had a suspicion but didn’t want to know. The desire to know about many such things ends when I reach this colorful page of the app. Eight years, two months and twenty days! The date was also written. Even the moment of time. There were many points on the vertical column like Metabolic Syndrome, Diet Habit, Tobacco, Alcohol, Physical Work Out, Present Level of Atherosclerosis, which could be increased or decreased by setting the ball on any one of them. I started moving the scroller ball. The red mark started moving back and forth on the horizontal row. By fixing on five cigarettes per day, the death rate slipped to five years, three months and eight days. 8th October, 2034! Ahh! Something snapped somewhere in the mind. Attach time to dates – In the date planner calendar event, the fiftieth anniversary of that date came up, which was stuck like a knot in my mind. What better day to die than this? I saw a martyr’s smile growing on my face. Took a sigh of relief and lit a cigarette.

There was a number playing on the calling screens installed at various places on the walls of the clinic, which was far from my waiting number. It will take thirty-five minutes and eighteen seconds. ‘I muttered.’ The girl sitting next to me was looking at me with surprise. Now let me rewrite this sentence. The girl sitting next to me was looking at me, because some time had passed since Ashaankar’s death. Smiling, I looked around again. The elderly couple did not look bored yet, while the other people had the uneasiness on their faces as if they were right in the middle of a boring movie. Three boys standing near the door were looking at the young man sitting on the bench, who was now looking at the clock. Suddenly he got up and again inquired about the girl sitting at the counter. He said that it was time for his prayers and if he could not meet the doctor now, then maybe the doctor should go for lunch till he returned from prayers. Although there was nothing particularly attractive in his voice, the people sitting there started looking at him. The three boys standing near the door first stared at the girl sitting at the counter and then asked the person who had come up from the bench whether he had come here to buy oil.

‘Sir, I am not addressing you’ said the person who got up from the bench and sat on the bench again. ‘Mam please I have already told you…’

‘Yes he said’ The girl was trying her best to smile, however now her nervousness was visible through her voice and eyes.

By saying ‘What do you mean by what was said…we are also saying it’, a boy created the impression of speaking on behalf of the three as well as on behalf of the majority of the people present there. The raising of the lower part of his eyes and the turning of the pupils, slipping away from the faces of his companions and towards the rest of the public, was enough to show that his saying ‘I am saying’ was more than just saying at any moment. Could. I felt bubbles rising in my head. At that very moment, I felt that I should say something – ‘Time is precious, respect it, time is delicate and go with the wind, nothing is achieved before time, wait…’ I started getting irritated. What nonsense am I thinking of saying? Time, time, time…

After a pause, the person sitting on the bench, reducing his circle on the bench, said – ‘Sir, you are raising the issue without any reason… Your number has not even been counted yet’ and then looking at the girl sitting at the counter, he said – ‘Look, if I don’t get out in the next twenty-one minutes… here,’ he looked around. There was a corridor on the left side of the counter, behind the corridor was a private room, where two broken chairs and some other junk were lying. Looking towards that place the person proceeded in a wet voice. ‘Yes there! But the issue lies in that also. Some people may have objection to anything we say.

I imagined a person standing at that place, sitting on his knees and then bending on his knees. I bet many other people present there must have imagined this too. Those three boys too. The third of them had taken out something stuck in the waist of his pants.

-‘Yes it will. It will definitely happen! The whole world has an objection to you people. There is a problem and it is not just like that. The third person had handed over the thing taken out from the waist of his pants to the other person.

At that time I started feeling a sharp prick in the middle part of the eye. It felt as if a blood clot was forcibly entering the middle of the eye. I felt that at this time I must say something – ‘Whatever happened, happened.’ Why should the buried dead be uprooted? Get the soil.’ I started getting irritated. What absurd and absurd thing am I thinking of saying? Bependi’s pot…my throat has become dry. The heat had increased. I took out the handkerchief. The elderly couple were now sleeping. The girl sitting next to me had placed the handkerchief she had taken out earlier on her mouth. Many people had taken out their handkerchiefs and were confused about any good use for them.

-‘Mam, would you please…’ The person sitting on the bench wiped his sweaty palms with a handkerchief and wanted to say and ‘Please Ma’am!’ Just left saying this.

The second had handed over the thing he had received from the third to the first boy. I saw his hand moving but could not see the thing he was holding. I felt all the blood from my head rushing towards my feet – ‘I am standing headlong on the dividing line between right and wrong.’ Even thinking this, I couldn’t think of anything to say. I was thinking of immediately running away from there.

The app open on my palm was blinking. My location was with him. I shuddered. Perhaps there is some immediate concern. Now an alert will be generated and sent to my doctor. I looked very carefully. No! There was a beep of sitting for a long time, which became intense due to the heat of the atmosphere. The ball was still standing for five years, three months and eight days. Decline in my gait, number of steps, location, duration of stay, blood pressure, salt, spices, alcohol, cigarettes, internal lung scan… the app still had everything.

The girl sitting at the counter had now started looking at the third side also. There was a big glass door on that side and beyond that was a portico. Perhaps she was looking towards the main gate, where the security personnel in blue uniform were signaling the incoming vehicle to go in some direction. She was looking at the person sitting on the bench and the boys one by one with a full smile. Both his hands were on the computer. Were on board. The person sitting on the bench was silent for a while. Now he was picking up his bag lying on the ground next to the bench. He had taken out the handkerchief from it. ‘No, it won’t be the handkerchief…’ I fixed my gaze – ‘The handkerchief is already in his palms. Maybe there is something else. He took a deep breath. Now a tone of coming to a decision was visible on his face. Might have messaged someone or might have sent an alert. Looking at the empty space near the corridor, he was now attempting to get up.

The boys had stopped an empty stretcher while passing through the corridor and were placing it on the empty place near the corridor. The heat had increased further. As soon as the spit was swallowed, the throat became more dry. I started feeling the need for water, whereas if measured, the amount of water in my blood would have been found to be very high.

I stepped towards the door. It’s the height of! The app open on my open palm was still telling me that the most probable cause of my death was myocardial infection and the date of death was the same 8th October, 2034, which was going to fall exactly five years, three months and eight days from today, whereas today – Now… I uninstalled the app!

Amit Srivastava

Contact : Commandant IRB-2, HN- 03, Police Officer Colony, PS Vasant Vihar, Dehradun – 248006, E-mail:

Are in Indian Police Service. He has equal influence in both prose and poetry genres. Bahaar Main, Main Andar (poetry collection), Pehla Dakhal (memoir), Gahan Hai Yeh Andakara (novel), Kotwal Ka Hookah (story collection), Shaping of a Cop (memoir), Covid Blues (thoughts) published.


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