8th class student of Bareilly saw the video on YouTube and called the police and said that he will blow up the Ram temple with a bomb.

Bareilly: An 8th class teenager, resident of Itoria village of Fatehganj East police station area of ​​Bareilly, Uttar Pradesh, called the police control room and threatened to blow up the Ram temple with a bomb on September 21. After the news of bomb blast in Ram temple, there was panic from Lucknow to Ayodhya. Along with the police, the intelligence team also became active. Alert was issued in Ayodhya. The search for the caller was started in Bareilly. The teenager who made the call from the address registered on the basis of the phone number was caught. A 14-year-old teenager studies in 8th class near the village. He told the police that he had seen a video on YouTube in which it was said that Ram Temple would be bombed on September 21. After this, he called Dial-112. Gave information.

A call reached dial-112

Fatehganj East Police told the media that a call was received on dial-112 on Tuesday evening. The caller said that information has been received that Ayodhya Ram temple will be bombed on September 21. When the police tried to ask the caller, the student disconnected the call. After this the commotion increased. Due to monitoring of Dial-112 from Lucknow, government level officers also became alert. Officers in Bareilly were called and instructions were given to take immediate action. Along with Bareilly Police, surveillance and SOG team also became active. They started searching for the accused.

father works as a laborer

Police investigation has revealed that the call was made by a teenager. His father works as a laborer. During interrogation, he told that he was watching a video on YouTube with friends. A video was found in it. In that video it was said That Ram temple will be bombed on 21st September. I thought of informing the police, hence called. However, the police is busy interrogating the teenager.

Said- Ram temple will blow up on 21st September

The information given to Lucknow control room. The caller said that Ram temple will be blown up on 21st September. SP Dehat Mukesh Chandra Mishra told the media that a call was made on number 112 on the evening of 19th September. On the basis of this the mobile number was traced.

The child switched off the phone in panic

When investigated, it was found that the mobile number was registered in the name of a resident of Itauria, resident of Fatehganj East, Bareilly. It is said that SOG and surveillance team reached him in the night itself. There the police were told that during the evening the mobile was on a child of the house. When the police asked for his name and address on the call, he got scared and disconnected the call and switched off the mobile.

Report: Muhammad Sajid

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