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70000 passengers came to Muzaffarpur from Delhi and Haryana in the last five days, gave Rs 15 crore as fare to the bus driver.

Muzaffarpur. Due to not getting tickets in the train, about 70 thousand people came to Bihar by buses this year to celebrate Chhath. In the last five days, more than eight hundred buses have reached Muzaffarpur from Delhi and Haryana. Many buses left directly for the districts of Sitamarhi, Shivhar, Darbhanga, Madhubani, Jhanjharpur etc. More passengers were seen traveling in all the buses than the prescribed limit. An average fare of Rs 2500 is being charged per passenger in these buses, it is said that tickets worth more than Rs 15 crore will be sold. About 125 passengers board a big bus, from inside to the roofs. People just want to reach their homes, so they are coming by riding on benches and even rooftops. Up to four passengers can be accommodated on two seats. There is a debate on whether they should be dropped on the way instead of at the stand, but everyone is in a hurry to reach home so they set out.

Ticket prices also increased

Niranjan, who was traveling in the bus, told that he had come to Motihari. He had taken the bus from Badarpur border of Delhi. According to him, on normal days it costs only Rs 1200-1300 to travel by bus, but during Chhath the fare increases slightly. He also had to pay Rs 1800 for the ticket. Prashant Yadav and Rakesh Kumar, who came to Sitamarhi, told that they did not get a seat in the train, so they came by bus. He had taken a sleeping berth ticket. The ticket for three people cost him Rs 6,000. Govind Kumar, who was traveling in the same bus, told that he was trying to book train tickets for the last one month, but all the trains were full and the fare of special trains was very high, hence he had to come by bus.

Demand for buses going to Bihar increased

Traveling for more than 24 hours in a crowded bus is not easy, but people were ready to face any kind of trouble to go to their homes on Chhath. No special arrangements were seen for the safety of passengers in the bus. During enquiry, it was found that this year the demand for buses going to Bihar has increased a bit because tickets for trains are not easily available. Secondly, trains do not reach many small towns at all or do not stop at small stations. In such a situation, instead of going further by bus after getting off the train, people preferred to take a bus from abroad. The staff of the bus operator told that on normal days only two-three buses go to Bihar, but at present they have to run 7-8 buses every day. Apart from Pandav Nagar of Delhi, a large number of private buses are running from Karol Bagh, Azadpur, Mithapur, Karawal Nagar and Burari to go to Bihar.

Buses get off the road and return

It drops the passengers coming to Muzaffarpur district at two places in Motipur, near Panapur, Kanti NTPC, Narsanda Chowk, Chapra High School, near Sudha Dairy Turn. Most of the trains coming from Delhi unload them by 8 in the morning and leave. In the afternoon, vehicles going to other districts via Muzaffarpur stop near Sudha Dairy turn. At the same time, some Delhi buses also arrive secretly late at night carrying passengers. Motor Federation spokesperson Kameshwar Mahato said that most of the trains leave from Motipur after dropping the passengers near Sudhar Dairy turn. Many buses directly leave for other districts via Muzaffarpur Darbhanga Road. Some vehicles reach Bairiya bus stand late at night.

If the bus was not available then people came by truck

On Thursday, women and children were packed like animals in a cargo truck from Delhi and brought to Gopalganj, who were to go to Muzaffarpur. Many of these laborers had fallen ill as soon as they reached Balthari check post in UP-Bihar. The workers said that even after buying tickets in trains, they were not getting space to return home. Raj Kumar Sharma of Motihari told that it is also important to return home during the festival. Therefore, even after paying double the fare, I did not get a seat in the bus. In such a situation, one had to travel in a goods truck going to Muzaffarpur. A fare of Rs 700 per person was charged for going from Delhi to Motihari by truck. Buses coming from Delhi were also crowded. In the buses stopped for checking at Balthari check post, three to four passengers were made to sit upside down on one seat. Many passengers stood up and left Delhi to go to Darbhanga. A bus has 40 seats, but 80 to 100 passengers were seated in it.


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