181.73 crores will be spent on modernization of Jharkhand Police, many weapons will be purchased along with 80 new vehicles.

Pranav, Ranchi: Under the centrally sponsored Extended Special Infrastructure Scheme (SIS), Rs 181 crore 75 lakh 21 thousand 456 will be spent on the modernization of Jharkhand Police. Its administrative approval has been given. The Home Department has written a letter to the Principal Accountant General in this regard. It has been said that under the SIS scheme, for the year 2022-26, 60 percent of the amount will be borne by the Center and 40 percent by the State Government. Under the scheme, Rs 17 crore 48 lakh were given to seven fortified police stations, Rs 120 crore 62 lakh 93 thousand 400 were given to District Police, Rs 39 crore 31 lakh 45 thousand 290 were given to Jharkhand Jaguar and Rs 4 crore 30 lakh 82 thousand 766 were given to Special Intelligence Branch. will.

The said amount will be spent on construction of buildings, administrative expenses and supplies, purchase of arms and ammunition and purchase of 80 new vehicles etc. under police modernization. The amount of the scheme item will be given by the Center in three phases. The officer for withdrawal and disposal of funds related to building construction will be the SSP of Ranchi. The amount will be withdrawn from District Treasury Ranchi and transferred to Jharkhand Police Housing Corporation. DGP will be the controlling officer of the entire scheme. They will review the progress of the scheme with physical from time to time. While withdrawing the amount, it has to be kept in mind that the amount being withdrawn is correct. It has not been drained before. The responsibility of any kind of illegal withdrawal will be of the Withdrawal and Disbursement Officer. The plan was approved in the meeting of the Council of Ministers on October 5, 2023.

Rs 17.48 crore will be spent on seven fortified police stations in three Naxal affected districts.

Buildings of seven fortified police stations (fortified police stations) will be constructed in the three Naxal-affected districts of the state, Chaibasa, Palamu and Khunti. Rs 17 crore 48 lakh 41 thousand 700 will be spent on this. Three fortified police stations will be built in Chaibasa, two in Palamu and two in Khunti. An amount of more than Rs 2.49 crore will be spent on almost all the police stations.

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