11 houses burnt in the fire, one and a half year old girl died due to scorching

Representative, Late on Monday night, 11 houses were burnt in a massive fire in Soti Bhediyahi of Sherkahi Panchayat of Kanti block, in which a one and a half year old girl also died due to scorching. The girl has been identified as Neha Kumari, granddaughter of Bhuntun Mallik. Kaushal Dubey told that along with Bhuntun Mallik, the houses of Vijay Mallik, Sanjay Mallik, Manoj Mallik, Vikas Mallik, Chulhai Mallik, Lakhindra Mallik, Deepak Mallik, Ravi Mallik, Marachi Devi and Mohan Paswan were burnt. People told that there was darkness due to lack of electricity, due to which there was a delay in extinguishing the fire. In such a short time the fire had taken a huge form. Within a short time, all the belongings including the house were burnt. Meanwhile, Bhuntun Mallik’s daughter, not seeing her one and a half year old daughter Neha in her parents’ lap, started screaming. By the time the search was done, Neha was burnt. The cause of the fire could not be known. People informed the fire brigade, Panapur Kariyat police station and local public representatives about the incident. On receiving information about the incident, a large number of people reached the spot. Former head co-head representative Sudarshan Mishra, Manikpur Narottam head Naveen Kumar, committee representative Kaushal Dubey, Sarpanch representative Neeraj Mishra and employees from the zonal office reached the spot. On the second day of the incident, people got angry as the CO did not arrive till noon. The public representatives pacified the people by convincing them. Being out of business, MLA cum former minister Israel Mansoori and block chief Kripashankar Shahi took information about the incident over phone and assured all possible help to the victim’s family.

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